Starfall Vs Moshi Monsters Comparison

    • Game
    • Game Name
    • Starfall
    • Moshi Monsters
    • Gameplay
    • Starfall aims at teaching children how to learn English by interesting games and it also concentrates on phonics learning too. It has four reading levels which are ordered from the most basic one to advanced reading for the toddlers to create interest at learning.
    • Moshi monsters game is an online game that attracts the primary school children through its interesting gameplay. The users could choose from one of the six virtual pets of this game and they can create, name and nurture it. The navigation and taking daily puzzles makes the game more and more interesting.
    • Graphics/Sounds
    • The game has a colorful display to attract kids. The voice which spells every letter is charming that attracts toddlers to replay it and learn by hearing.
    • The visuals on the screen are amazing and the music is popular among people. the graphics done in the game attracts the interests of players.
    • Learning Curve
    • The kid sitting before this website would learn about the basics of English. The interesting books which are placed at the beginning reading level make the child read the language.
    • The visuals on the screen are amazing and the music is popular among people. the graphics done in the game attracts the interests of players.
    • Who play The Game
    • Kids of kindergarten and primary schooling are attracted to this website.
    • Kids of age group 6 – 12 are attracted to this gameplay due to its charming characters.
    • Desktop/Mobile
    • It can be played on desktop as well as mobile. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    • It can be played on Desktops as well as in mobiles.
    • Devices/OS
    • The devices with internet connection are suitable for playing it. It can be played with Windows, Android, iOS, and related operating systems.
    • It is a browser game that requires an OS like Windows, iOS for playing it.
    • Estimated Number of Players
    • The approximate number of players is nearly one million worldwide.
    • There are more than 80 million registered players worldwide.
    • Overall
    • The toddlers gain an intriguing experience while hearing sounds and learning letters and words. A strong base ensures a strong building! When so many kids playing and learning it should be enough.

    • The game provides a very good environment. The kids playing the game enjoy and learn things needed for brain development. It is recommended for children to play and get the goodness it offers.

  • Should You Play Moshi Monsters?

    Moshi Monsters is a browser-based online game for children between the ages of 6-12 years. Users have to register to get access to games. With over 80 million registered users, it is safe to say that the website is popular among children. Upon entering the game, children must choose from one of the six virtual pets – Lavli, Katsuma, Poppet, Fury, Diavlo, and Zommer. Children can give their virtual pets a name, nurture them, and customize their looks. The website offers interesting daily puzzle challenges. Rox is a virtual currency that players earn in the game. It also has a chat option to encourage kids to socialize with peers. This is completely safe. Children can play puzzles and personalize their rooms.
  • Should You Play Starfall?

    Starfall is a website built especially for children. The objective of the website is to introduce pre-schoolers to English reading and writing, through games. The highlight here is this is not a commercial website. Anyone can freely access the games on the site. The website introduces reading through a step-by-step process. There are four levels. Naturally, the levels go from easy to advanced. Children start by learning to identify the English alphabet, phonics, and consonant. The slowly learn to build words and string these words into sentences. They can finally start reading simple sentences by themselves. The website is useful for anyone looking for a fun way to introduce reading to pre-schoolers. It is fun, it is free and it is exciting!

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