Dizzywood Vs Panfu Comparison

    • Game
    • Game Name
    • Dizzywood
    • Panfu
    • Gameplay
    • The game has several mini-games and missions to complete. All these missions can be completed with or without the help of a fellow player. But there are more chances of going up easily with the help of friends. The avatar can be modified the way the player wants. There are villains to be defeated.
    • In the virtual world of this game, many players can involve where they need to create panda to explore an island that belongs to Panfu. It is a kind of quest game; you can give any name of your panda.
    • Graphics/Sounds
    • It is a 3-Dimensional game that has very good smooth graphics and has good sound effects that are inviting.
    • This game was created for the kids, so adorable graphics and sounds are highly required. But the compelling thing is that they used the highest quality graphics and sound system in this game. 
    • Learning Curve
    • Kids playing this game can learn all good qualities to be followed to a fellow being. It also teaches teamwork and co-operation.
    • This game was created for the kids, so adorable graphics and sounds are highly required. But the compelling thing is that they used the highest quality graphics and sound system in this game. 
    • Who play The Game
    • This virtual world game is made for children from ages 8 to 12. It can be great option for more teens and grown up players
    • This game a bit challenging and fun made for 5 to 14 years young kids. So if you are looking for a challenging and interesting game, then this one is for you.
    • Desktop/Mobile
    • The online game can be played on the Desktop.
    • It is well supported by a mobile set, tablet, and personal computer. So you can access the game whenever you want. So you can access Panfu at any time with any device.
    • Devices/OS
    • The Browser requires a desktop OS such as Windows, iOS or Linux, etc.
    • This is a child-friendly game that is designed to run in most of the operating system one might have. So you don’t need to much worry about it.
    • Estimated Number of Players
    • There are approximately 400,000 monthly users worldwide.
    • In the initial two weeks, it had got more than ten thousand players just like that. Since then the number steeped up gradually. 
    • Overall
    • The Dizzywood is a very good online made especially for children to teach life skills. Its mini-games and missions are well designed and made with a training mindset. On the whole, the game is excellent for children to play.

    • Very cute massive multiplayer virtual world game for kids. Lots of fun playing simple games while chatting with others. Its time to have your own Panda!

  • Should You Play Dizzywood?

    Dizzywood is an entertaining online game that is recommended for children between ages 8-14 years. As you enter the game, you need to choose an avatar. You can not only choose them but also customize them to your liking. A feature called Change Your Look allows players to completely customize their avatar. The game has several picturesque landscapes as a part of its environment – there are jungles, forests, beaches, etc… Dizzywood is a virtual world here several activities take place. You grow a plant or hunt for treasure. All these tasks are usually performed as a group. When you complete a mission, you get rewarded with a special item or a coin. Sometimes you even unlock certain missions. The game has a collection of good games for children.

  • Should You Play Panfu?

    Panfu is a child-friendly online game. It is an MMO game recommended for children between the ages of 6-14 years. The game consists of a virtual island called Panfu (after which the game is named). Children can create their panda and explore this island. The platform offered a huge variety of interesting quests and mini-games for children. The game’s popularity increased manifold when it was translated and released in 12 languages. The game also has a chat option where kids can connect with other players on the platform. This was a moderated and safe space for children. Some cool features such as being able to decorate the treehouse and purchase clothes are available only to members. The membership is known as Gold Panda.

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