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Have a look at our collection of educational games for kids, teens and family. Those games have millions of registered players around the world, who are already fascinated and addicted.

A lot of fun is waiting for you to learn and get educated with new online games. Get access to reviews and decide which games to try and play.
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pocoyo world
Pocoyo World

Pocoyo World is a fun online space for children. It stimulates their imagination and helps them learn new things. Game Name: Pocoyo World Niche: Children, fun lessons Developer: Zinkia Entertainment Pricing: Free game

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pora ora
Pora Ora

Pora Ora is an exciting online series of educational games targeted at children in the age range 5-12. Game Name: Pora Ora Niche: 3D, children, educational game Release Date: 2012 Developer: Caped Koala Studios Pricing: Free

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Poptropica is an online children’s game that falls under the role-playing category. Game Name: Poptropica Niche: Virtual world, children, role-playing Release Date: September 2007 Gane engine: Adobe Flash Developer: Jeff Kinney Group, Story Arc Media Pricing: Various subscription plans ($3.99/month, $19.99 for 6 months, $10.99 for 3 months)

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Amazing World

Amazing Game is one of the most popular MMO games. It was developed by Ganz Studio. Game Name: Amazing World Niche: 3D, MMO Release Date: 2014 Developer: Ganz Studio Pricing: Free-to-play, subscription options available.

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Wizard101 is an exciting fantasy game that is played online. Game Name: Wizard101 Niche: MMORPG, Fantasy, Adventure Release Date: 02/09/2008 Developer: KingsIsle Entertainment Game Engine: Gamebryo Pricing: Open-ended free trial with many subscription plans (monthly/pay-as-you-go plans)

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Petra’s Planet

If you are looking for an educational platform of games where your children cannot only fun but also they can learn the new thing, then Petra’s Planet is designed for that.

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If you are looking for a game for kids where a bunch of players can play and learn together, then Panfu is one of the best options for that.

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Dizzywood is a freemium online game that requires subscriptions to access few rare contents. It is a browser-based game that targets children to teach social values.

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Moshi Monsters

Moshi monsters game is completely free for its users which ensures great fun on its gameplay. The monsters shown in this game are interesting to play with.

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Starfall is an online game for kids that create interest in learning Basic English reading and writing skills. It is free to play the game and does not use advertisements for earning money.

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